Information and Communication Technology Unit

The Information and Communication Technology Unit handles the operations and maintenance of computerized activities of the Ministry. Thus, the unit is the focal point for all Management Information Systems services for all departments in the Minisrty.


  • New hardware and Software Purchase Recommendation
  • Installation and Operation of new communication systems and software
  • Routine maintenance of Servers and Systems
  • Infrastructure Support for the Ministry
  • Assimilation assistance of new and current software
  • Network infrastructure management
  • Assuring systems security
  • Carrying out monitoring and inspection of infrastructure and communication facilities.




The unit is made up of three major sections namely:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Application, Operations and Training
  • Services Management and Planning.

The unit's staffs are well trained, and are ready to fit in with the new knowledge that rise everyday in the ICT world of progress. Some of the responsibilities and activities of the unit are as follows:

Network Infrastructure

  • Management of the ministry’s network infrastructure (LAN/WAN).
  • Management of the ministry’s connectivity.

Application, Operations and Training

  • Management of the ministry’s server/storage facilities.
  • Provide support to the M&E operations.
  • Management of the commission website and portal administration.
  • Provides the desktop management services.
  • Administration of user password policy.
  • Management of the ministry exchange server.
  • Provide support services.
  • Develop and implement IT organization training curriculum

 Services Management and Planning

  • Monitor and evaluate IT performance.
  • Develop and implement user IT policy.
  • Ensure compliance to IT process.
  • Provide IT project management
  • Maintain configuration database of IT infrastructure
  • Definition of user requirement and appropriate liaison with the departmental for proper IT alignment.
  • E-government applications and services


The Unit is under the supervision of the Permanent Secretary and his headed by Mr Abdulrazaq Bello




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